Oracle passwords (DES) solver 0.3 (SSE2/AVX)

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SAP network packets decompressor (can be used for SAP password network sniffing too)

Readme and example
win32 version
linux x86 version
Source code

Oracle RDBMS .msb files unpacker

.msb files are files that contain various messages, in compiled form.
Here is my utility with source code intended to unpack error numbers and messages from these files.


file demux

The demux command-line utility can be used to demultiplex a file to set of files.

Readme file
Download C source
Download win32 executable


This utility is to be used to make audio noise from running win32 processes.

It attaching to running process in memory, fetch code punctions which are currently executing and send it to soundcard. If process is not very active, there will be not a lot of noise. If it is busy, you'll hear much more.

Short note about its usage.

Download executable or source code

Duplicate Directories and Files Finder

This utility very useful to find identical files and directories on your hard disk drive.

Win32 console version: download.
Source code: here.

generic tracer