cuetools 1.3.1 win32 binaries (compiled in mingw32)

Get it here:

(compiled from cuetools sourcecode)

How to convert cue/(wav|flac) pairs to mp3 in win32 command line environment.

Create cue2mp3.bat:

@echo off
cuebreakpoints.exe %1 | shnsplit -o "cust ext=mp3 lame.exe -b 256 -m s - %%f" %2
bash %1 split-track*.mp3

Get win32 versions of these utilities:

shntool (shnsplit)

Get cygwin.


Use it:

cue2mp3.bat file.cue file.wav

My BitchX IRC client patches and binaries: ->

A table of Intel microcode update built on microcode-20101123.tgz file.


The microcode file contain only family/model/stepping/ext model numbers but not processor names, so most likely, the table contain name errors.
If you find it, please send me correct name of processor.

Source code.